Organifi green juice powder is a blend that promotes health, stress relief, and well-being by detoxifying the body and providing healthy nutrients. This provides you with a nutritious superfood drink that is ready in only seconds with no clean-up process. This special blend provides your body with energy as well as the nutrients that your body needs to power you through the day. It gives you a quick boost that you need in the morning, but it does not result in an energy slump a few hours later.

Organifi green juice has just 24 calories per serving and delivers two grams of protein, 2 mg of iron, 31 mg of calcium, 5100 mg of alkaline greens, and 1450 mg of a superfood blend. The container comes with 30 servings, however, some have been able to stretch the product out into 36 servings from the powder that is provided.

Organifi Green Juice claims to be an easy-to-make, gently dried superfoods drink mix that can boost mental clarity, improve your overall health, reduce stress, detoxify your body, rejuvenate your skin, and boost immunity. Organifi claims their Green Juice can supercharge your life, restore your “glowing good health,” and help you feel decades younger in just 30 seconds per day, without having to worry about shopping for ingredients, mixing and blending them, and then cleaning up afterwards.

Organifi Green Juice’s ingredients are claimed to be USDA organic, vegan-friendly, and made without GMO ingredients, gluten, or soy.



Organifi was created by Drew Canole, the founder of the now-famous FitLifeTV – a website that shares educational, inspirational and entertaining content concerning health, fitness and much more. He is an author, a fitness specialist and a transformation expert. Believing that people needed an easier way to enjoy the benefits of healthful greens, Drew developed the Organifi juicing system. Drew currently has three companies under his name, Organifi, Fitlife and Alpha Reset. Drew himself spreads the concept through his videos and articles about health and fitness.

His goal was to make a product that tasted amazing and was filled with the finest natural wholesome ingredients but that was quick and simple to prepare. This way, people could just mix up a powdered drink and not have to spend time using a blender or food processor to prepare their smoothies.

To create Organifi, Drew relied on his knowledge as a Nutrition Specialist. Having spent years studying not just food and nutrition but also how eating affects the entire mind and body, Drew was able to make Organifi with a custom blend of greens not found in any other product. Originally, Organifi was launched through FitLife TV but can now be bought by anyone interested.



  • Chlorella – A green algae that’s claimed to be high in polyunsaturated fats that reduce inflammation and even treat cancer.
  • Moringa: It is a flowering tree whose leaves and seed pods are known to contain the essential amino acids that help in growing, repairing and maintaining cells of the body and are also known for preventing diabetes and heart disease.
  • Spirulina – This is blue-green algae that are high in protein, iron, and calcium, which may provide energy and strength.
  • Mint – This is a herb claimed to help treat indigestion, cramps, insomnia, and more.
  • Beets – It is a dark purple root vegetable with juice that has a sweet taste. It contains high levels of folate and manganese, which are claimed to thin blood and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Matcha Green Tea – It is a specially grown green tea that contains EGCG, which may act as an antioxidant to reduce stress and appetite and also regulate hormones.
  • Wheatgrass – These are the seed leaves of common wheat plants that contain high levels of chlorophyll, which is claimed to “cleanse and regenerate” the blood.


  • Ashwagandha – An adaptogen that’s claimed to increase mental focus, lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system. It is a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and herbs that are intended to help the body’s response to external stressors, like environmental toxins.
  • Turmeric – Claimed to contain anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. It is the yellow superfood that is a rich source of antioxidants and has several well-known benefits for health.
  • Lemon – Claimed to reduce appetite, “cool and alkalize the body,” and to stabilize blood sugar.
  • Coconut Water – The delicious and refreshing clear liquid found in green (unripe) coconuts. This ingredient is claimed to contain high levels of potassium that can cleanse your kidneys and help Organifi’s ingredients move through the blood.



Organifi green juice is a product that contains 100% organic green vegan elements. It is made up of 12 of the best superfoods that are derived from high-quality sources. These include Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Mint, Moringa, Chlorella, Spirulina and a host of other components which makes it the healthiest green juice available in the market.

The Organifi green juice is packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential proteins that give you the perfect supplement to your diet. The founder of Organifi, Drew Canole has perfected this recipe through years of experience and experimenting for giving the ideal green juice to you.

The daily users of Organifi green juice have experienced a noted difference in their life. The juice works by providing your body with antioxidants and detoxifying your body of harmful, toxic substances. This helps to keep in check free radicals that accelerate aging by flushing the toxins and fighting cancer-causing agents. Moreover, it reduces stress and improves mental clarity by overloading the body with a high amount of nutrients and restoring hormonal balance.

Organifi Green Juice has a lot of chlorophyll which helps in detoxification. It inhibits the absorption of various pollutants such as dioxin and helps the body to excrete any toxins faster. Also, chlorophyll enhances the transport of oxygen in the body as well as nutritional balancing in the body to lower acidity. The green juice is also a perfect beverage that is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants guard your cells against being damaged by free radicals that are produced by your body when it breaks down the food. Coconut water crystals and lemon extracts from Organifi green juice make sure that the probiotic juice contains appropriate quantities of alkalizing and hydrating agents. Coconut water constitutes 70% water and vitamin C is an active alkalizing agent. 

Moreover, the antioxidants protect the body when it is over-exposed to tobacco and other adverse environmental factors. The green juice helps you to get vital nutrients from food without every other extra fluff, for instance, pulp. When you take the juice, you will quickly get all the nutrients from fruits and veggies without the insoluble stuff and extra calories.



Consequently, Organifi provides these superfoods in its green juice, which you can buy online without putting much effort or burning a hole in your pocket. That is, this blend is economical and easily accessible. This incredible green juice powder focuses on your well-being on the whole. It relaxes your nerves, rejuvenates your skin, upgrades your intensity and boosts your overall health. Maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the most important ways to make it certain that you are leading a healthy and active life. Drinking Organifi green juice every day will keep you from getting sick from time to time. Loads of people are suffering from stress and depression. But with this special superfood mix soothes your mental pressure, increases brain activity and also balances your hormone levels.

One of the primary advantages of consuming Organifi green juice is that it aids the body to get rid of free radicals and other toxins. These toxins often lead to obesity and raise other health-related concerns. A study found out that about one-third of US citizens have excess toxins in their bodies. Flushing these substances out must be of paramount importance; Organifi green juice plays a vital role in this. 

Organifi green juice powder which ensures proper metabolism maintains appropriate hormonal activity and also provides proteins. Attaining optimal hormonal balance and proper digestion will keep your weight in check. This superfood blend is superb in the aspect of weight loss. Organifi Green juice mentions in its cover that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed the drink to be 100% organic. This certification means it is soy and gluten-free and does not have any added trans-fats. Folks who are conscious of their calorie-intake can use this product without any worries. You will find an assortment of various minerals in this green juice which generally doesn’t make it into your daily diet. Thus, you have in your hands an excellent source of useful minerals like manganese, magnesium, copper, iron, etc. which are not-so-common in your everyday meal.



Organifi green juice can only be bought online. We can only buy this healthy juice from the official site. It is not available at local stores. Well, another thing is the taste. The taste is believed to be kind of awful but at the same time refreshing. The blend possesses these mint leaves for their refreshing purposes. And users should please take note that this product only prevents or reduce the risk of diseases, and not to cure. Some people don’t like the green color. Another issue is the natural, earthy and grassy scent which can take some getting used to. However, this product can be a little pricey for some people. Make sure you buy it from the official site for the best price!



As a USDA Organic certified juice, this dietary supplement is highly safe to use unless you’re allergic to any one of its ingredients. Potential side effects may arise if one takes more than the recommended dosage. Organifi Green Juice claims to help “improve your health as well as giving you maximum energy while boosting the brainpower immensely”. Research has shown that Organifi Green Juice powder is a great product whose negative reaction is hard to come by.



Organifi green juice will be a great choice to replenish your body with the necessary minerals and to bring back the tranquility of your mind. Organifi green juice has a multitude of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants. They boost your immunity, making you feel active and recharge your body and mind. Thus, it will be a key supplement if you feel that you are missing out on the necessary nutrients just by your daily diet. 

However, we need to understand that though we must monitor our nutrient intake after the age of 30, the ideal source of this wholesome diet, not any supplement. Green juice won’t work any wonders as long as we don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle ourselves.



The best way to use the Organifi Green Juice Powder is by mixing a spoonful of the powder with a glass of water. After a few seconds, the juice will be ready, and you can enjoy a healthy and delicious drink that will be ready for consumption. However, in case you do not want to appear monotonous by doing the same thing repeatedly, you could try different versions of the juice and get the same health benefits.



You can purchase Organifi from a few places. The official website is the obvious choice and stocks the whole Organifi supplement range. Buying a single bottle of Green Juice will set you back $69.99 (reduced from $79.99) with discounts available for buying more at the same time. You can save $59 when buying 3 bottles and a massive $169 if you buy 6 bottles.

You can also have your bottle automatically delivered every 30 days by choosing the ‘subscribe and save’ option to save 15% on your order – making one bottle $59.46 per month.

Organifi Green Juice is also available through their official website although it is priced higher at $73 for a single bottle and $69 for the monthly subscribe and save option.

You may also find Organifi available in some high street stores, such as The Vitamin Shoppe.



There is a 60-day money-back guarantee for all purchases through the official Organifi website. The conditions involve the company receiving ALL partial or empty bottles back within 60 days of the purchase date to qualify for the refund.

The return policy looks solid and as long as you follow the conditions you should be fine to get your money back should you not be satisfied with the product.


  1. FAQs

Q. How Can I Store My Organifi Green Juice Powder?

Organifi products have a shelf life of up to 2 years as long as it is unopened. If you have already opened the products, then the contents of the product should be consumed within 90 days from the date it was opened. Moreover, the product has to be stored in a cool, dry place once it is opened.

This product does not require to be stored in a refrigerator, although doing so is of no consequence to the product. The contents of Organifi green juice are gently dehydrated to preserve the nutrients for a long time outside the fridge.


Q. When should I take the Organifi Green Juice?

The Organifi green juice is recommended to be taken early in the morning for maximum benefits. The product has been found to reduce cortisol levels, curb your cravings and gently detox your system. It is thereby removing from your body anything that does not support your health and happiness.


Q. Are Organifi products Keto-friendly?

Organifi products are considered Keto friendly by most people. However, this may be subjective to the preferences of individual people. Every bottle of Organifi green juice contains 2 grams of sugar or less. There are a lot of long term customers of Organifi who enjoy a keto-friendly diet while using these products. Hence, the final decision has to be made by yourself.


Q. Is Organifi the best-tasting green juice?

To be honest, this is very subjective. The Organifi reviews on the official website and in their promo material do claim that it’s “the best tasting” green juice, but I’ll say it’s more of a personal choice.

What I’ll do say is — it is NOT BAD!

MUCH better than the stuff we used to get as “green powders” a couple of years ago.

So yeah, you can try their free sample and taste/test it yourself.


Q. I am allergic to eggs, soy, nuts, wheat, dairy, gluten, yeast, can I take Organifi?

Yes, thankfully Organifi is free from almost all the common allergens. So it does not have any gluten, it’s dairy and soy-free, and doesn’t contain any colors or preservatives.


Q. Why is Organifi a powder?

The official version on their site says this about it: The Organifi powder helps you absorb most of the nutrients when in powder form. Tablets and capsules are not very effective at being absorbed by the body. Apart from the extra bit of work your stomach and digestive tract have to do in breaking down the tablet or capsule, the main problem is heat.

The amount of heat generated in pressing a tablet or capsule denatures the enzymes and probiotics in the formulation, which makes the ingredients even harder to absorb. So most of your tablet or capsule ends up as expensive urine! The other factor is CONVENIENCE — taking the Organifi in capsules would require you to take 16–18 capsules to get one serving. To be on the safe side… If you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your physician before taking any supplement or making a change in your diet.

Though you might think the powder is inconvenient and a pill or tablet is so much easier, they are right about this. Making a tablet means a lot of HEAT treatment. This usually damages most of the vitamins in the foods (which is also why most vitamin manufacturers will add overages to the tabs to compensate for this problem!). So here Organifi easily wins because it delivers the nutrients.


Q. Can I take Organifi during pregnancy?

Yes, you can, as it has organic and completely natural ingredients. But, to be on the safe side, better consult your Doctor before taking Organifi or any other supplement, or even making a significant change in your diet.


Q. Are there any extra ingredients in Organifi I need to be aware of?

It doesn’t look like it. They claim there are no preservatives… no dairy… no artificial flavors… no MSG… no artificial sweeteners… no wheat… no soy protein. There’s simply the powders of all the green foods shown earlier.


Q. I have sensitive digestion, is this going to be ok for me?

99% yes, Ayurveda says that you need some kind of spice to promote and enhance digestion. And they are right. That’s why these guys have added turmeric (which is a spice) to Organifi juices which helps reduce inflammation and improve digestion.


Q. Can I use Organifi as a meal replacement?

Nope. Although my Organifi review is all glowing and great, the juice is simply not caloric sufficient for a meal. So do not think this as a “weight loss green juice”. Rather, Organifi is an amped-up food to help supplement your daily diet.


Q: Can I use Organifi more than once a day?

Yes. Organifi can be taken multiple times per day. More than once per day and up to three times per day is recommended. My advice — take it two times, first thing in the morning (helps detox), and last thing at night after dinner (for a nightly dose of fiber/vitamin/minerals).


Q: Can I mix Organifi with other vitamins, proteins, or superfoods?

Yes, and you should. Organifi is foundational, so adding other supplements as adjuncts is a best practice that I can highly recommend.

The two supplements I recommend taking along with Organifi’s juice are:

– A high-quality Whey protein (if you’re not getting at least 60–70gm protein from foods)

– Omega-3 fish oil (you’ve heard the benefits a million times!)


Q. So does that mean Organifi juice is like a multivitamin?

No, Organifi is a dry greens formula. Not a multivitamin.

However, it does provide most of the naturally occurring trace minerals, antioxidants, and micronutrients that are found in these superfoods and seriously lacking in the average American’s diet. So it’s not a multivitamin per se, but it does the job more efficiently.


When you read about all of the potential benefits of Organifi, it’s easy to start wondering, “Can it be that good?” Well, based on my experience and reading endless Organifi review articles, I would say that the answer is “yes.” Organifi contains a more complete blend of greens than you can find anywhere else, giving it the ability to live up to its promises. When used as directed, Organifi can promote health and well-being, give you more energy, support a healthy immune system and even improve your sleep. I recommend the product as do most people who write Organifi review posts online.

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